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  • What do papillomas look like on the genitals of women. Answers to frequently asked questions. How to remove, effective treatment and prevention methods.
    16 August 2022
  • Penile warts are rashes of viral origin. They are caused by HPV infection, which is transmitted through unprotected sex. How to treat penile warts and how to prevent infection.
    10 September 2021
  • How to recognize genital papillomas, symptoms and methods of treatment of primary papillomas, as well as preventive measures.
    10 July 2021
  • The truth and myths about the human papillomavirus: What is the danger of HPV, how is it diagnosed and can it be treated? What kind of virus is this? New? How is it transmitted? How do I know if I have HPV? If I have HPV, am I a cancer patient?
    22 August 2020