Rules for applying celandine to warts

Warts are skin structures that form in humans and various parts of the body. In addition, they are equally observed in young children and adults, because they are formed regardless of a person's age. Dermatologists attribute the appearance of warts to the presence of human papillomavirus. The virus is found in most people because it is so easily transmitted - both in everyday life and through contact. However, if a person's immunity is strong, the virus will "sleep" and not cause a problem. However, with a sharp deterioration of the immune system, HPV begins to increase, resulting in the formation of papillomas in the body. As a rule, warts appear on the face, legs and neck.

Removal of papillomas is a very important process. In fact, although they do not cause discomfort to humans, over time, warts spread throughout the body and increase in size. Occasionally, entire wart colonies may grow. At this point, natural questions arise: should papillomas be removed from the body and how to do it properly? The article focuses on how to get rid of papillomas and warts, in particular, how celandine herbs heal and how to clean the skin of warts with it.

Papilloma removal methods

Warts can be removed with surgery, chemotherapy, and medication. There are many such methods today. Here is a list of the most common and popular:

  • Laser removal is a very expensive procedure.
  • Removal with liquid nitrogen is a difficult and unpleasant procedure, and then relapses can occur where liquid nitrogen is used. There may also be marks on the skin.
  • Chemical methods - products used in pharmacies.
  • Celandine is a medicinal plant that can effectively fight warts.

However, even if a person tries to remove papillomas using traditional methods, even if he does not want to use drugs or other methods recommended by modern medicine, he should see a doctor. It is necessary for the specialist to conduct an examination and the necessary research and make sure that we are talking about papilloma, not cancer education. This is because malignant formations can develop in a person at any age, and it is necessary to identify the disease as early as possible in order to cure it in a timely manner.

Celandine for warts - pros and cons

Celandine is a well-known remedy for warts and other things in folk medicine.

Celandine belongs to the genus Opium. This is a perennial plant with straight, branched stems, sometimes reaching a height of 1 m. Flowering begins in May and lasts until mid-summer. When the stem of the plant breaks, orange juice is released, giving the skin a bright color. It should be borne in mind that all parts of this medicinal plant are poisonous. It contains about twenty alkaloids.

Advantages and disadvantages of using celandine for warts

Celandine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. However, since this herb is ubiquitous, it can be used to treat skin damage on its own.

Its powerful toxin is effective in other skin diseases - eczema, dermatitis. This plant is also used in oncology, because celandine contains many different toxins.

Interestingly, this herb is also popularly known as wart. In fact, in ancient times it was used to remove warts, but now you can buy products made of celandine against papilloma and warts at the pharmacy.

Celandine wart extract helps to get rid of flat, unsightly warts.

Compared to the anti-wart chemicals produced by pharmacies, celandine has a number of indisputable advantages for papillomas:

  • Treatment of warts with fresh juice of this plant allows you to easily get rid of the formations in the body, while at the same time during medical procedures, without severe burns.
  • Removal of papillomas with celandine is a completely free method of treatment. This is because it grows in forests, along roadsides, in meadows and in summer.
  • This plant is a natural medicine and its reviews show that it is effective in combating skin formations. It is also effective in oils, celandine extract and products based on it.

However, this method of treatment has several drawbacks:

  • For celandine to work, it must be harvested during its active flowering period. In other words, it is advisable to use only herbs collected in May-June for treatment.
  • This folk remedy is difficult to use for treatment and for city dwellers. In this case, it is much easier to buy the necessary products based on celandine in pharmacies.
  • When using plant-based pharmaceuticals, disease may occur where such drugs are used.
  • Removing warts using celandine takes a long time.
  • Wounds caused by prolonged use of this folk remedy can heal for a long time, and sometimes scars or scars remain here.
  • Some people may experience allergic reactions when using celandine. People who are prone to allergic rhinitis, hay fever, and allergies to pollen are more likely to be allergic to this herb.

Using celandine to remove warts

Those who want to remove the formation on the skin will need instructions on how to apply celandine to warts.

Celandine and its products can be used in several ways. For this purpose, the use of celandine tincture, oil, extract, celandine oil is practiced. Pharmacy products are also used.

Freshly squeezed celery juice, instructions for use

If the grass grows in a summer cottage or near a house, you can juice the papillomas directly from the cut. To do this, the plant should be cut close to the root with the most juice. It leaves immediately after cutting.

To get rid of warts, the juice should be instilled 4 times a day directly into the papilloma. As a rule, the form disappears in 3-4 weeks. The wart gradually darkens and disappears.

Apply glycerin and juice

You can learn to drink juice at home for a long time. If you do not have permanent access to the plant, you can squeeze the juice from the plant and mix it with glycerin. The result is a creamy mass. It can be used for a relatively long time. In addition, it is convenient to apply this tool to the resulting formations. Celandine deserves to be harvested during the flowering period.

This product is not only used to treat warts. It is applied to the face - to reduce the severity of acne, as well as in the treatment of dermatitis and eczema. Those who are interested in how to get rid of warts with this cream should know that the removal of warts with this tool is a gradual process. If the wart turns black after a while, the remedy is working.

Juice yourself

Those who are interested in how to remove warts with celandine do not need to buy the drug in pharmacies. To make the juice, you need to collect the new plants, wash them and dry them a little to keep the leaves and stems from getting wet. Then pass them through a meat grinder twice and squeeze the juice from the pulp using a tight cloth. Pour into dark glass bottles, which should be closed with cork.

After about a week, the juice begins to ferment, at which point you need to open the bottles and release the gas every day. This should be done before the end of fermentation. The juice is then used for treatment. The finished product should be stored in the refrigerator, which will help prolong its life.

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In addition to the juice of the plant, the extract also contains vodka or alcohol. This allows you to increase the shelf life of the finished product. Add 100 ml of vodka to 50 ml of vodka or alcohol. If the refrigerator has such a tool, then the question arises whether it is possible to remove papillomas in the winter with celandine juice. Because the extract can be stored for a very long time.

Take steps to remove papillomas

It is very important to know how to properly remove papillomas and how to make juice to prevent burns. Always wear gloves when making juice.

You need to think about how to get rid of papillomas on the body, if they are numerous in different places. In this case, you can not juice all the formations at once. It is necessary to treat 5-6 warts in one three-week treatment, because more treatment of papilloma can have a negative effect on the toxic organism. If the papilloma turns black, the treatment is effective.

Before removing papillomas with juice, it is necessary to check for allergic reactions. To do this, apply a little extract or juice to the elbow joint. If there is no itching, rash, burning, then there is no allergic reaction, and you can use this folk remedy for papilloma.

Papilloma Remedies Pharmacy

For city dwellers who find it difficult to find celandine in nature, the question of how to cauterize papillomas at home is relevant. It is much easier to buy celandine-based drugs in pharmacies. However, be careful when buying papillomas at the pharmacy. However, if you buy a cream or ointment to remove papillomas, you can end up with a fake product that does not contain celandine.

Dry cleaning of papillomas

Remember to use chemicals exactly as instructed. Before using this product, the skin around the warts should be treated with an oily cream to prevent burns.

If such liquid accidentally gets on the skin or mucous membranes, the area should be rinsed immediately for at least 10 minutes and washed thoroughly.

Price of celandine and user reviews

The price of celandine in a pharmacy depends primarily on the food it contains. As a rule, the question of where to buy celandine tincture or extract is not difficult - these products are sold both in pharmacies and in many online stores.

In general, reviews of the effectiveness of products based on this herb are positive. Reviews of celandine and home remedies show that it actually helps to get rid of warts. However, you should use it regularly and do not interrupt treatment. Reviews about the tincture and extract are different. But in general, celandine-based drugs help to clean the skin formations and at the same time do not cause obvious side effects.