Treatment of warts and papillomas

Drug treatment of warts and papillomas is a modern therapeutic method. Thanks to the latest advances in science and medicine, pharmacies have a variety of products to care for problem areas and fight such tumors.

Brief information about papillomas

It is important to understand that human papillomavirus (HPV) is a serious infection that is difficult to treat. Each type of antiviral drug has its own characteristics of use and effect. It is important to approach the problem correctly, taking into account the characteristics of the pathogen.

Papilloma elements are superficial neoplasms that often resemble moles. Almost all of them have short legs, which are glued to the surface. From the outside, such elements do not look aesthetically pleasing, which makes them embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Neoplasms have a completely different shape: flat, pointed, fibrous, mosaic. Hair color is different from the skin itself: it can be a little light or dark. These increases are due to an increase in the number of elements in the upper layer of the epidermis in a certain area of the body.

The infection is latent for a long time. The patient has only one complaint - the appearance of a characteristic mole or wart. All the internal structures of the body are under attack. Infectious ulcers have been shown to reveal obvious structures in the mucous elements of the stomach, urea, and cervix.

How to get rid of warts on the skin with medication

Features of drug therapy

Preparations for the removal of papillomas are often used. The main treatment for this disease is surgical removal of neoplasms. Thus, the viral elements on the face, neck, arms and legs are eliminated. This is a radical way to get rid of warts, which is not always recommended. Another milder method is the use of antiviral drugs. Proper, adequate and complete use of drugs has been shown to give good results.

It is important to know and understand: there is no panacea for the virus. After infection, the pathogen stays in the body forever. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Modern drugs for the removal of papillomas can stop the spread of the pathogen and minimize the appearance of the disease.

If a papilloma is detected, the doctor will decide how to treat it and what medications to use after examining the patient. Comprehensive therapy of the right intensity quickly restores immunity. Anti-papilloma drugs differ from each other on different criteria. In addition to the composition of the active substance and the manufacturer's company, they differ in pricing policy. In practice, 2 main groups of anti-papilloma drugs are required. They differ radically in the mechanism of action of the pathogen. These are local and systemic medications that can be found in every pharmacy.

For external influences, local agents are applied directly to the affected areas: growth elements. As a result, all modified structures quickly die, dry up, and collapse on their own. Systemic drugs, including tablets and capsules, have an internal depressant effect on the pathogen itself. Therefore, it is best to take comprehensive measures against this disease: this is the only way to reliably stop the activity of the virus.

Simple and affordable medicines are especially popular, including:

  • salicylic acid (alcohol);
  • iodine tincture;
  • medical pencil;
  • castor oil (for warts);
  • adhesive plaster to remove corn;
  • alcohol;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • tea tree essential oil.

It has been proven that it is best to use ointments for external application to the skin against warts. These valuable drugs, even in the maximum dose, have minimal toxicity to the body. Medicines work only locally. After such exposure, growth quickly disappears.

One of the most popular and inexpensive means of papilloma neoplasms in this group is the pencil. We are talking about a long-known drug based on silver compounds. This pencil is specially formulated to combat warts and papillomas. The product is very easy to use, fast and long lasting.

Pencil is the drug of choice for many patients. It has a pronounced cauterizing, antibacterial and necrotic effect on the tumor. It is a highly concentrated substance, so it should be used gently without touching nearby healthy tissues. Otherwise, there is a risk of necrotization of healthy areas.

It is best to consult a specialist before using the product. Improper use can cause burns and skin scars. It is better not to use this product on the face, neck and genitals.

Tablet immunostimulants

A drug to treat warts

One way to fight the virus is to prescribe special drugs that stimulate the patient. In the most severe cases, it is advisable to prescribe such treatment with frequent and prolonged relapses. These symptoms indicate the weakening of the body and the exhaustion of the immune system. Therefore, it is necessary to prescribe medication to restore immunity.

Immunomodulators are included in the list of drugs for complex therapy of viral recurrence. Drugs effectively block the growth of the virus and destroy all diseased and damaged cellular elements. They significantly strengthen the immune system and have a clear antiviral effect.

The drug is available in tablet form to correct pathological disorders of the immune system. The course of therapy should not exceed 4 weeks.

The treatment regimen and dose are calculated individually. It all depends on the type of virus and the degree of damage. With normal papillomas, medication is sufficient. If warts are found on the skin, surgery is indicated in addition to the pill.

Homeopathy for HPV

They have always struggled with the help of natural ingredients available to combat the symptoms of viral aggression. Such therapy is especially effective in the complex fight against papillomavirus. Ginseng, lemongrass or echinacea tinctures are especially in demand among patients. Mummy-based creams are considered valuable. Herbal remedies are in great demand because they work more gently than industrially concentrated acid or alkaline drugs.

Choice of drugs

It is recommended to consult a dermatologist for treatment of papillomavirus. The mode of therapy depends on the location of the virus. If a number of new tumors appear, for example in intimate areas - examination and consultation with a gynecologist or andrologist. Experts say that self-medication for viral tumors poses a serious health risk. This is often due to the harmfulness of papilloma formations.

Because of the wrong choice and a new recurrence of the disease begins quickly. Choosing the right medication will ensure:

  • elimination of skin imperfections;
  • Strengthen the immunity necessary to prevent recurrence of the disease.

Human papillomavirus infection is one of the most common pathologies today. The pathogen is very stable. It mainly affects the mucous structures. To successfully deal with the manifestations of pathology, it is important to undergo a comprehensive examination to determine the type of virus. This is the first step in finding an adequate and complete therapy. Modern methods and techniques of treatment reduce the external signs of infection.