Why do neck papillomas appear and how can they be treated?

For many people, neck papillomas are rather a cosmetic problem, so the decision to remove them is made in order to improve their appearance. However, you should know that the risk of developing papillomatosis is undesirable and sometimes dangerous complications, so the treatment of the pathology should be carried out in any way.

Reasons for learning

Papillomas can form anywhere on the body under the influence of a special microbe, the human papillomavirus (HPV). More than 100 brands of microorganisms have been identified and studied, many of which are pathogenic. Some types of viruses have oncogenic properties, in other words, they can lead to dangerous formations.

papillomas in the neck

Papillomas of the neck and armpits are considered benign. Microorganisms are transmitted in different ways:

  • sexual intercourse - from an infected partner;
  • vertical - from the sick mother to the fetus through the birth canal;
  • communication and home - when in contact, using personal items. In a group of children, toys contain pathogenic microorganisms, so HPV, which often causes warts, enters the body in the first years of life.

The virus easily enters the skin through microtraumas: wounds, cuts, friction. For a long time, the infection is not symptomatic - a well-functioning immune system easily suppresses the activity of the microorganism. However, under the influence of a significant weakening of the immune system and a number of other provocative factors, the pathogen-virus enters the epithelial cells and causes excessive growth, which is manifested by the appearance of growth. a body.

Provocative factors

The formation of neoplasms in the viral neck is also explained by circulatory disorders and the special sensitivity of the skin there.

small papillomas on the neck

Among the main factors that activate HPV are:

  • decreased immune system function;
  • hypovitaminosis;
  • chronic diseases of the digestive system;
  • excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • dysbiosis;
  • disorders of the hormonal system;
  • psycho-emotional overload.

Why do papillomas appear more often on the neck in women? This is due to the fact that women have particularly sensitive skin, and they often use household creams that clog pores and thus prevent blood circulation.

The pathology rarely ends in a single growth. There is an active virus here, and scratching and rubbing of the skin leads to the release of microorganisms and infection of the surrounding tissues. In other words, the neck may contain several dozen viral neoplasms. This is especially true for children, as they often scratch their skin.

several papillomas on the neck

The causes of underarm papillomas are women who wear tight underwear that compresses the body and disrupts blood flow, in other words, all the conditions are created for the virus to develop and multiply rapidly.

HPV can be passed on to other family members. Therefore, only personal towels, detergents and other personal hygiene items should be used to identify neoplasms. It is advisable to take measures to strengthen the immunity of all relatives - this will help them not to be infected.


Papillomas of the neck and armpits can be different, usually in the form of growths:

  • fibrous neoplasms. . . Initially, it is a small height of yellowish skin, which gradually stretches and takes the form of drops on thin legs. Papillomas are pink or brown in color.
  • flat bumps. . . This small size (a few millimeters) rises slightly above the body, oblong or round. The color of neoplasms is almost indistinguishable from that of surrounding healthy tissue. If such growths are relatively close, they may coalesce to form a single papilloma with a blurred border.
  • vulgar or simple papillomas. . . It rises above the skin of round, noticeable bumps, the color is usually dark brown, can be more than 1 cm in diameter.
vulgar papillomas in the neck

Papillomas in the neck, like other parts of the body, do not cause discomfort, so they are more common when there are several new tumors. In some people, the growth may cover the large surface of the neck, back, chest and armpits. Naturally, this does not look aesthetically pleasing and forces you to look for ways to get rid of papillomas on your neck quickly and effectively.

Risk of papillomatosis

The causes and treatment of cervical papilloma are determined by a dermatologist. Papillomavirus treatment is essential because a number of complications have not been ruled out:

  • damage to structures. Friction on clothing, scarves, and neck chains can damage growths, especially papillomas. As a result, not only is blood visible, but healthy tissues are also infected, and the addition of a secondary infection cannot be ruled out;
  • The inflammatory response. Lack of hygiene, excessive sweating and the collar of clothes can cause infection of the laundry. They become swollen, hyperemic and painful. Such complications require a course of antibiotic therapy;
  • Non-typical cell damage of tumor cells. Cervical papillomas are rarely dangerous, but this risk cannot be completely ruled out. Signs of a possible malignancy include darkness, pain, sacral or purulent discharge, and rapid growth.
Examination of cervical papilloma

How to get rid of papillomas in the neck, it is advisable to solve as soon as possible. The earlier papillomatosis is treated, the less likely it is that the plants will spread throughout the body.

Principles of treatment

If there is any formation in the neck, you should first consult a dermatologist. Treatment is selected only after careful examination. It is not possible to completely eliminate HPV from the body, but with the proper functioning of the immune system, the virus is in a "dormant" state, in other words, it is not visible in any way. To achieve this, it is necessary to treat chronic diseases, take a course of vitamin-mineral complexes, and, if necessary, take immune corrective drugs.

Systemic antiviral drugs are prescribed for papillomatosis if there is a tendency for the formation to spread throughout the body or if recurrence occurs after successful treatment. Medications should be prescribed by a doctor, as many of them can cause unwanted side effects.

With early access to qualified medical care, neck papillomas can be easily removed with the help of external means and hardware. In some cases, traditional medicine is even more effective.

Not all solutions can be applied to the neck and armpits due to skin sensitivity.

Removal of viral formations on the skin is required if:

  • Papillomas are constantly subjected to mechanical stress, the causes of which are friction with the collar of the shirt, scarf;
  • The disease turns into papillomatosis, the term refers to the appearance of a large number of growths;
  • The recurrence occurs several times a year.
removal of papilloma of the neck

Before removing papillomas, the presence of cancer cells in the formations must be ruled out. If they are found, treatment is carried out under the supervision of an oncologist.

Hardware methods of papilloma removal

How and when to remove papillomas in the neck depends on many factors. The patient's age, comorbidities, scarring, and tolerance are taken into account.

Today, there are several effective ways to get rid of formations in one session. Surgical removal and cryodestruction of cervical papillomas are almost non-existent. When teenagers are cut with a scalpel, there is a risk of visible scars and infection. Cryodestruction (exposure to low temperatures) can burn sensitive skin. Therefore, it is recommended for patients with neoplasms of viral etiology localized in the neck and armpits:

  • laser therapy.The procedure is performed with the help of a laser, the effect of which on papilloma allows to remove all the atypical cells in the layer. Laser therapy leaves no trace, complete disappearance of warts occurs in 5-7 days, they gradually die and remain in place of clean skin remnants;
  • electrocoagulation.A high-frequency electric current is applied to a special device that cuts the wart to stop the growth. The method is slightly painful, so for adults it is performed under local anesthesia, and for younger patients under general anesthesia. The advantage of electrocoagulation is the ability to perform histological analysis, because the neoplasm is immediately completely removed;
  • radio wave therapy.A knife that emits radio waves is used. This method is very accurate, so it eliminates the presence of healthy tissue, so there is no risk of scarring.
hardware removal of cervical papilloma

All hardware methods of papilloma removal are performed on an outpatient basis. The procedure can take several minutes over time and the rehabilitation process takes several days.

Drugs against viral formations in the skin

If there are contraindications to hardware methods of wart removal or if it is not possible to use them, the doctor may recommend the use of external antiviral drugs: ointments, solutions. Their use suppresses the activity of viruses, destroys microorganisms, which leads to the gradual disappearance of the formation.

At the same time, the use of oils prevents infections of the surrounding tissues, ie the risk of new warts on the neck and other parts of the body is significantly reduced.

Cervical papillomas are often treated with pharmacy solutions that can kill or destroy neoplasms. However, such products should be used carefully on the neck, as scars can remain on the delicate skin. It is best to use such drugs if there is only one wart and it is not in a very visible place.

Read the instructions carefully before using the pharmacy's chemical solutions. With their help, warts can be easily removed, but in the future, skin burns and unpleasant scars may appear.

Folk roads

Learn how to get rid of underarm and neck papillomas, those who are familiar with folk medicine. However, such treatments have a significant disadvantage compared to hardware methods - in order to achieve complete cleansing of the skin from papilloma, they must be applied for several weeks or months, sometimes using the selected means before the formation. several times a day

Antiviral properties:

  • castor oil. They are lubricated with plants up to 5-7 times a day;
  • Apple cider vinegar. Used as a compress. A vinegar swab soaked in vinegar is applied to the wart, fixed and left for 3-5 hours;
  • fresh celery juice. The surface of papillomas is lubricated with juice, but it is better to do it on vacation, because the use of the plant dyes the skin orange;
  • tea tree oil. They have to activate the concentration three times a day;
  • laundry soap. The devices should be lubricated with moistened soap up to 5 times a day and should not be washed after use.
Castor oil to remove neck papillomas

In addition, it is recommended to use appropriate folk remedies to boost immunity. Doctors often recommend echinacea - a decoction of herbs or alcohol tincture, infusion of nettle leaves, rosehip decoction.

Folk remedies against warts are considered safe during pregnancy. However, they should be used with caution, taking into account all contraindications.

Papillomas in the neck can appear at any time, and if not treated in time, a neoplasm can often lead to the appearance of many appendages. There is only one way to prevent this - to consult a qualified physician who will determine the underlying causes of HPV activation and select an effective treatment regimen.