Penile warts

The man examines the warts on the penis

Warts have long been a mystery. Now it has become commonplace, everyone knows about them and everyone knows that they can be treated. However, these messages are very generalized because there are so many types. The causes can also be different. Next, we will look at the warts that form on the penis.

These warts are also commonly referred to as gonads and gonads. They usually appear on the head of the penis and on the foreskin. When you have sex with a person infected with the papilloma virus, the infection causes warts to form on the head of the penis.

In general, warts are not a serious medical problem and they are considered curable. However, you can only see a doctor on time and follow all his advice. If the diagnosis is not made in time and treatment is not started, the warts can spread to the body, damage the internal organs and, in the worst case, lead to the formation and development of malignant tumors.

Therefore, under no circumstances should, firstly, assess the severity of the wart, and secondly, self-medication. Remember, only a specialist can make a correct diagnosis and choose a cure. Such warts can be both pathogenic and harmless. Without a doctor, who can tell the difference?

By all accounts, genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). It is most often spread through unprotected sex. However, there are cases of domestic violence. This virus, like others (such as the herpes virus), stays in the bloodstream throughout a person's life and can manifest itself when the immune system is severely compromised. Doctors consider genital warts to be the most dangerous because they increase the risk of cancer. In this case, these warts are removed.

If this type of wart is found to be caused by an infection during sexual intercourse in men, it should be thoroughly tested, including the presence of HIV in the blood. If the latter is still found, it is necessary to go to the clinic for treatment. You also need to inform your sexual partner that she may be carrying this type of virus.

Externally, genital warts can be different. They range in size from a few millimeters to several centimeters. The shape and form are also different. They can be flat, inner epithelium or pointed. True, they are rare when there are only warts, not isolated ones. They usually occur and are located in all groups in the penis. The presence of warts on the penis may be accompanied by itching, burning, and redness.

Many doctors tend to think that it is better to remove warts, even if they are harmless. But, of course, without a doctor's opinion, no decision can be made on the basis of a series of tests and personal examination. However, it is best to prevent the formation of warts.

There are precautions for this. First, you need to maintain good genital hygiene, and avoid casual sex. Second, if any inflammatory processes are detected, they should be eliminated in time so that they do not worsen. Third, if the virus is found in a regular sexual partner, it is necessary to treat, test and, if necessary, treat.

Treatment of warts on the penis

As mentioned above, treatment is prescribed only by a physician on a case-by-case basis. It was also mentioned above that it is impossible to get rid of human papillomavirus. The warts are removed and the patient recovers, but the virus still remains in the blood. Nor can it be passed on to other partners in the process of an intimate relationship. Symptoms may also occur when the immune system is weakened. All methods used today reduce symptoms almost equally and reduce the risk of relapse to the same extent.

The doctor's appointment depends on the type of wart. For example, if he realizes that the wart is practically harmless, remove it normally (more to restore the aesthetically healthy appearance), and if significant types are found, the methods are completely different. Consider the most dangerous form of genital warts. Treatment is carried out using various procedures.

The most common method of removing warts is cryogenic treatment with liquid nitrogen. This creates low temperature conditions that affect the wart. The main advantages of this method are the absence of painkillers, and scars are rarely left behind.

It is recommended to start treatment of genital warts with laser therapy. These are removed with the help of a laser, they remove the warts. In this case you will need anesthesia and scars may remain. During immediate removal, the virus is released into the air, so medical personnel performing this procedure should wear a mask. The room (office) should have a well-functioning hood and it should be disinfected regularly.

The electrocoagulation method is similar. This is due to the effect of warts with high temperatures. At the same time, funds are needed to keep the patient from feeling sick. Scars and scars may remain. Healthcare workers need to be protected, and other patients in the office, as well as doctors and nurses, need to be protected from infection.

The most common type of medicine is Podophyllum. It is usually recommended to use twice a day, every 12 hours, with a specially designed applicator. The product should be used for three days in a row, followed by a break at 4-7. Then there is another 3 days of treatment. These stages are repeated gradually until the wart disappears. However, doctors do not recommend using this drug for more than 5 months.

Recurrence after treatment is 30%. Some doctors prescribe immunosuppressive drugs to avoid patients, but their effectiveness has not been proven.

There are many medications and methods. In any case, it is important to use them only on the advice of a doctor, otherwise you may worsen your condition. If he prescribes medication, carefully read the instructions, contraindications and carefully monitor the volume of their reception and compliance with all rules.

Modern medicine does not stand still, so drugs and vaccines are being developed that will allow many people to get rid of HPV. However, these developments are only at an early stage. However, it is hoped that in 10 years the problem of human papillomavirus will be completely resolved.