Is Celandine Moxibustion Effective In Eliminating Papilloma

The active spread of HPV causes infection in up to 70% of the general population. Infection with hundreds of strains of papillomavirus is dangerous only in some cases: some smallpox can cause cancer. Human papillomavirus is especially dangerous for women. The appearance of growth in the body is the first sign of the pathogen's transition to the active phase. Therefore, the situation should not be allowed to develop when papillomas appear. Modern medicine offers many different ways to get rid of them. Before the papillomas are cauliflower, the patient is tested for HPV.

When prescribing a particular manipulation (laser, cryodestruction, radio waves, excision), the doctor takes into account the scale of the neoplasm, the type of papillomavirus, concomitant diseases and other individual characteristics. In alternative medicine, celandine is actively used for papilloma. It is impossible to summarize how safe and effective this method is. In order to predict the outcome of cauterization with such a tool, it is necessary to consider each case of papillomatosis separately.

Celery can be used for papilloma

Celandine is considered a poisonous plant, but at the same time it is in great demand for use in medicine and cosmetology. Due to its composition, non-traditional drugs have anti-tumor, antifungal, bactericidal, analgesic, epidermal regenerating, choleretic, diuretic and expectorant effects. Often celandine is used to treat skin diseases: psoriasis, acne, scabies, eczema, warts, sores and ulcers. Its use for papillomas is not new. This provokes the growth of HPV on the skin, and their occurrence occurs mainly in areas where friction of the epidermis.

celandine plants from papilloma

Doctors answer the question of whether papillomas can be coated with celandine. This product is cheap, affordable, and sold in pharmacies without a special prescription. Living in the Mediterranean and European regions allows you to collect plants on your own and dry them for further preparation of medicines. Despite the possibilities of medicine and minimally invasive methods of treating skin diseases, papilloma can be treated more effectively with folk medicine.

To warn

Chelandin and papilloma removal are very popular. Often patients do not understand how to use non-traditional medicines and blindly follow the advice of friends. It is not recommended to do this, as it is dangerous for your health. Before using celandine extract from papillomas, there are some rules to consider:

  • you need to know the malignant origin of the new tumor;
  • the concentration must be turned on completely, otherwise it will grow on an even larger scale;
  • Some types of warts grow with the use of non-traditional medicines;
  • If the rules of use are violated, the drug burns the healthy skin, resulting in scars and scars.

Knowing whether papillomas can be treated with celandine does not work by itself. Tests should be performed to determine the strain of the viral infection.


Do not use liquid celandine, pharmaceuticals and fresh herbs for papilloma, as it may cause an allergic reaction. The drug is applied to the mucous membranes and is not allowed to enter the respiratory tract. The smell of the medicine sold in the pharmacy is fragrant. You should not smell celandine. The drug is not suitable for removing plants from the labia or mouth.

The use of celandine in the treatment of papillomas in children under 18 years of age is prohibited. The use of non-traditional drugs during pregnancy and lactation is contraindicated in the presence of alkaloids. Papillomas usually occur in the mammary glands. If it accidentally falls into a baby's mouth, the drug can have serious consequences.

Do not drink raw or dried herbs for papillomas. If oral use is indicated, the raw material must first be processed into a decoction or tincture. Drinking this solution is contraindicated for diseases of the digestive system, excessively low blood pressure, heart disease and mental disorders.

Papilloma removal technique

If the patient is found to be able to remove papillomas, including celandine, and if the procedure is approved, it is necessary to prepare herbs and start treatment at home. Criticisms that have been circulating for many years say that the cauterizing effect occurs almost immediately. However, to achieve a lasting result, you need to use a non-traditional product several times. Anti-papilloma celandine can be used in various forms: fresh juice, decoction, cream, balm, ointment, tincture. If a person does not want to bother collecting and preparing medicine, it is better to buy it in a specialized place. With the help of celandine, the plants are removed from the pharmacy according to the instructions and used for a short time. Long-term practice of using raw materials has created the best and most effective baking recipes that modern people can use to achieve good results.

Fresh Juice

The easiest way to apply celandine to papilloma is to treat the skin growth with fresh juice. It is important to know exactly what we are talking about. Celandine is like a small bush, its stem is hollow. The bush has small, dark green leaves. During the flowering period, yellow leaves appear on it, which later turn into a garden and produce seeds. The second name of this plant - Warthog. If someone still doubts that celandine destroys papilloma, then now it should be completely eliminated.

Burn the warts with the juice of celandine herbs

In order to process the plants, the stem of the plant must be cut off, from which the sap immediately begins to flow. This fluid should be carefully lubricated with papillomas. In ancient times, people who used folk remedies against warts tried to tie the legs of papillomas with nylon thread to speed up the process of death. However, this is not necessary at all, but it can be done if you really want to. Vegetable juice does not help the first time. To achieve the desired result, you need to use a yellow solution in the morning and evening. The duration of treatment with celandine is variable and depends on the size of the neoplasm. Based on consumer reviews, a 3-4 week period can be indicated, after which usually small skin starts to fall off, followed by large tumors.

Fresh juice and neoplasms should be carefully removed. It is important not to use natural remedies on healthy areas of the skin, as it can cause burns and injury to the epidermis. Often such ulcers later form scars.

Butter, cream or butter

If you want to remove papilloma with celandine in the form of fresh juice, you can use oil or home-made oil. Also, this method is preferred for those who do not always have access to a growing bush.

To prepare the oil, you need to take new stalks of the plant and dry them. Then they are crushed in a blender or with a sharp knife. The empty material should be placed in a glass jar and filled with any vegetable oil to completely cover the raw material. This product is brewed in a dark place for a week at room temperature. Before using celandine, it should be filtered. The raw materials are removed, and the poured liquid is mixed with various vegetable oils in a 1: 1 ratio. Papilloma is treated at home twice a day. To do this, moisten a cotton ball or sterile swab and apply it to the affected area.

If celandine oil from papilloma looks too greasy or stains your clothes, you can make oil. You will need fresh or dried raw materials to make a non-traditional medicine. If the stalk is raw, it must first be dried and crushed. Various means are used for the basis of fat: lamb, badger, goat or lard. You can also take a regular baby premium and mix it with celandine at home. It is recommended to take one part of the plant and two parts of the oily base for the preparation of oil. Papillomas can be described with this composition up to three times a day. Store the oil in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Removing papillomas with celandine according to these recipes does not work as fast as fresh juice. However, since this product is much milder, it can be used without fear for healthy skin. The duration of treatment is from 1 to six months.

Soup or infusion

Before treating papillomas for external use with celandine, it is important to know that physicians and phytotherapists recommend injecting the plant to increase the effectiveness of therapy. It is known to be toxic to humans in its raw form. In animals, eating celandine paralyzes the nervous system. Therefore, the preparation of soup should be treated with special responsibility. Tincture of celandine for papilloma is taken in severe doses. It is advisable to start with the minimum portion and gradually increase the dose to the desired level.

infusion of celandine from papilloma

To prepare an alcoholic tincture, you need to take 100 grams of crushed dried herbs. You can collect it yourself or buy ready-made raw materials at the pharmacy. Mix the herb with 500 ml of 70% alcohol base in a clean glass jar. If you can't find alcohol, you can use regular vodka. However, the effect of this drug can be reduced. Preparation should be required within two weeks. The product is then filtered and consumed. It is recommended to take the drug before meals. A dose of 45 drops a day helps to get rid of papilloma in three doses. Before using the tincture, make sure that there are no contraindications. This medicine should not be used by pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people under 18 years of age, or people in positions of responsibility. If a person drives a vehicle, it is better to replace the alcoholic tincture with a tincture of water or decoction.

Alternatively, you can use a ready-made tincture of celandine from a pharmacy. You can buy it without a prescription.

Pharmacy medicine is a method of administration

If the patient does not know how to use celandine for papilloma, it is better to buy the finished drug at the pharmacy. Each product is described in detail in the accompanying instructions for use. Pharmaceutical companies offer a variety of drugs at affordable prices.

The weapon is cheap, contains chemicals (sodium chloride, bicarbonate and hydroxide). The drug is placed as a cosmetic liquid for external use. Indications for its use are dry calluses, papillomas, warts. Treatment is performed once a day, and treatment does not last more than a week.

For treatment to be beneficial, you should ask your doctor how to remove celandine and papilloma. It is better not to use the experience of your friends, because they may have other strains of viral infections.

The effect of the use of herbal products

Despite many doubts, papilloma can be removed with celandine. It is considered safe to use fresh foods or home recipes. Pharmacy products are suitable for people who do not have the ability to prepare anti-wart remedies from plant materials. In addition, medicines purchased from a pharmacist can be stored for a longer period of time.

There is a lot of conflicting information about papillomas and their treatment with celandine. For some patients, the therapy became effective in a short time. As a result, the growth of the skin is completely stopped. If, during the application of celandine, the top of the skin darkens and blackheads begin to appear on it, it is a sign that it is beginning to wither.

Other patients were unable to clear the papillomas despite using the product correctly. If the effect does not appear within a month of regular use of the new celandine, or after treatment with pharmaceutical products, it is necessary to seek medical help and know that the plants can be destroyed surgically.

Papillomas may begin to grow during treatment. This symptom is unpleasant and can cause immediate medical attention.

Medical practice in the treatment of people with papillomavirus shows that the use of plant raw materials alone is not enough. Even surgical removal of growths is not a guarantee of success. Neoplasms can recur in one area of the skin or another. It is necessary to carry out antiviral therapy and strengthen the immune system to prevent recurrence and reduce the risk of papillomatosis. To date, there is no specific agent that can kill human papillomavirus. Immunomodulators and antiviral drugs can reduce HPV activity, and celandine can fight plants.