Laser Wart Removal: Information on the Procedure

Many modern people are exposed to various viral tumors on the skin. The place of these unpleasant growths can be any part of the body: neck, armpits, chest, arms, legs and hips. Although papillomas and warts are usually safe and do not cause serious discomfort, you should think about getting rid of them. As with any adult, every child is at risk of contracting the disease if they do not follow certain rules: hygiene, safe contact with the virus carrier, use of bathroom accessories in public places, etc. b. To completely eliminate the disease, it is necessary to remove warts with a laser, which is one of the most popular methods of surgery in our time.

Laser removal of warts on the face

An effective way to deal with laser cutting

It is known that today there are many "technologies" designed to get rid of non-aesthetic internal forms. An amazing procedure is especially popular - laser wart removal is the most effective method recommended by dermatologists.

Turning on the building, this method promotes its evaporation with the help of a surgical CO2 laser. Laser removal of warts involves coagulation of blood vessels, which prevents the development of bleeding and inflammation, so this process, among other things, is expensive. Excision can be done in this way not only for adult women and men, but also for children.

With the help of the device allows you to identify the following types of new tumors:

  • foot;
  • easy going;
  • like a thread;
  • toothed.

If you notice internal warts, then here you will need to remove them before starting laser cleansing blood and antiviral measures under the guise of surgery. With the help of delicate technology - laser therapy, you can easily remove papillomas in hard-to-reach places, or in areas with increased sweating.

Why is warts removed with a laser?

How to remove warts on the face with a laser

There are a number of reasons why people agree on a number of measures to remove masses in visible and invisible areas of the body. Among them:

  • The tumors are not very aesthetic, which causes great inconvenience when going out on the street or in a public place;
  • The affected exposed areas are very visible and cannot be hidden due to the latest cosmetics;
  • The risk of injury to the tumor (rings, earrings, chains, equipment and other clothing) is high, which can lead to bleeding;
  • Timely elimination can adversely affect the body as a whole or in the form of darkening or proliferation of papillomas.

For your own safety, as well as to restore beautiful skin and its attractive appearance, you just need to perform a gentle and popular laser coagulation procedure. If you have doubts about the efficiency and effectiveness of such extraction, you can see a lot of images on various Internet resources "before" and "after" removal.

Benefits of laser coagulation

Does laser wart removal hurt? This question is very common, so we will answer immediately, no, the patient does not feel such a thing. This is one of the main advantages of the technique. For this reason, children over the age of 5 are allowed to remove warts with a laser.

In fact, this child is no worse than an adult, and such a procedure has been proven to be tolerable. In most cases the result is achieved after the first session, which lasts about 5 minutes. In the case of many formations, the process may be delayed.

The main advantages of laser technology:

  • absence of disease;
  • security;
  • fast cutting;
  • guarantees of absence of scars;
  • transition depth control;
  • quick recovery.

When answering the question of whether warts can be removed with a laser, we note that it is absolutely possible in all parts of the body. Where there is a papilloma, remove it. You can be sure that the construction that needs to be demolished will leave no trace.

Stages of the procedure laser removal growth

Burning of the wart in the finger lascrome

Laser treatment of warts requires careful preparation. Direct sunlight should be avoided for 7 days before the scheduled procedure, which is especially important during the summer. A protective cream with a high SPF level should be applied to the problem area where the mole is located. If you decide to remove the wart with a laser, never come in contact with chemicals before the session.

You must first undergo a medical examination in the form of tests and tests, which will determine the possible contraindications to the procedure. The essence of the examination is a thorough study of epithelial tumors and the selection of the intensity of their impact on foreign cells.

Local anesthesia is almost always used when burning laser warts. High temperatures are used to extinguish the mole.

The laser, which carries out wart cauterization and affects the affected tissues, does not affect healthy areas of the epidermis. All local capillaries are immediately blocked, which prevents the risk of bleeding.

Complete disappearance of papilloma can be observed 2 weeks after the coagulation session.

Consequences of laser wart removal

There is no need to worry about the possible consequences of the procedure - after removing the wart with a laser, a small wound appears in its place, which is covered with a black film after 2 days. It does not cause discomfort and disappears on its own in about 7-9 days.

During this period, it is recommended to refrain from going to the bath, solarium and swimming pool, as the soil should not be allowed to:

  • wet;
  • exposed to sunlight;
  • There have been various types of damage;
  • activated by cosmetics.

If the doctor does everything correctly and professionally (he wears special glasses, directs the light only on the face, "burns" the accumulated area, and then applies a special plaster), the patient will not suffer any consequences. There is no need to worry about injuries or scars.

As for the probability of recurrence, they are very rare - this light can be achieved by direct contact with the root of the neoplasm. Laser removal of warts also eliminates the possibility of infection, as the procedure is performed through non-contact exposure.

Contraindications to the procedure

In some circumstances, education is not destroyed by such a popular device. This procedure is against:

  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • people suffering from colds or infectious diseases;
  • at high temperature or pressure;
  • when you have oncology or diabetes;
  • In the case of herpes at the site of localization of papilloma.

To get rid of warts, you need to go to one of the specialized clinics that provide such services. There are competent doctors who can provide appropriate care only in medical institutions. When and where to remove the wart is up to you. The main thing - to take into account the individual characteristics of the body and follow the recommendations of experts.

What results can be expected?

One of the important points of laser cutting equipment is that the rehabilitation period is completely gone. If you get rid of warts on the face, apply a plaster with iodine and wear it for a day.

Thus, the destruction of devices by laser light completely destroys the harmful structures on the thin stem, and once and for all. Of course, recurrence is ruled out in most cases, but in rare cases, papillomatosis cannot be eliminated, and the growths turn into malignant tumors. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate warts in a timely manner using this gentle and popular method.