How can the papilloma be removed?

It turns out that skin growths are seen in almost every person. But by associating the appearance of a blemish with a new mole, not everyone pays attention to them.

This is not entirely correct. In most cases, these are benign formations. Doctors recommend removing them. A dermatologist or venereal doctor will tell you how to remove the papilloma.

Methods for removing papillomas

Causes of papilloma

Skin growths occur under the influence of the human papilloma virus. Under a single name, there are about 100 types of viruses that give rise to the most diverse neoplasms in shape, color and size. These viruses get into the skin or mucous membranes and stay forever.

Currently, pharmacists cannot provide a drug that can get rid of this pathogen. But doctors have found ways to fight HPV, which we'll talk about in a moment.

The human defense system can block the vital activity of the virus for a long time and therefore the first symptoms of the disease appear within a week or even years. It all depends on how strong a person's immunity is.

If the immune system can cope with the virus, why do papillomas appear?As mentioned above, the virus remains in the body forever and when the defense system is weakened, it immediately takes action and creates growths on the skin.

Immunity was weakened for the following reasons:

  • Hormonal disorders (pregnancy, breastfeeding, taking hormonal drugs).
  • Presence of bad habits (drug addiction, smoking, alcoholism).
  • Unbalanced nutrition.
  • Aggravation of chronic or congenital diseases.
  • Overweight.
  • Long-term drug use.
  • Mixed sex.
  • Frequent colds.

Neoplasms occur if the human body is exposed to these factors. Doctors recommend removing papillomas even if they do not endanger human life.

Why remove warts and growths

There are several consequences that can occur if the resulting papillomas are not treated in time.

  1. Some neoplasms arise under the influence of oncogenic viruses. Such growths easily turn into a malignant formation and as a result cancer develops.
  2. Papillomas are usually seen where skin comes into contact with clothing. This means the buildup is permanently damaged. A small wound or fissure is the gateway to secondary infection. Damaged papillomas do not heal well, sometimes scarring may occur there. In the worst case, suppuration filled with blood poisoning may develop.
  3. Often, patients go to the doctor when the disease is very advanced, there is so much growth that it is better to choose surgical removal. Doctors choose this method as a last resort.
  4. Lack of treatment is also dangerous, as you can infect your family and friends.

How to treat neoplasms

Traditional medicine offers both medication and one of the methods used to eliminate papilloma. It is desirable that the treatment be comprehensive. This will help reduce the risk of recurrence of neoplasms.In some cases, after taking medication, the growths disappear spontaneously and there is no need to choose a method to remove the papilloma.This may be the case:

  • Neoplasms are very new (appeared recently).
  • Human immunity works well.


As mentioned above, HPV has no cure. But doctors prescribe general antiviral drugs that are good at reducing the activity of the pathogen. And then the issue is based on human immunity. If the protective function of the body is impaired, the attending physician will also advise you to take immunostimulants, immunomodulators and vitamin complexes.

In pharmacies, you can find medicines to help remove papilloma.These are ointments, creams, concentrated solutions. They are applied directly to formations.It is not worth prescribing this type of treatment for yourself or others.These products contain highly corrosive acids or bases.

Using these without consulting a doctor could cause:

  • Papilloma damage.
  • Increase the number of assets.
  • Burns in healthy skin.
  • Injury of damaged areas.

Methods for removing papilloma

Modern medicine offers several effective ways to eliminate neoplasms. They are painless and effective. If there is a lot of growth or large, several procedures need to be done, but if the papillomas are small in size and have appeared relatively recently, a visit to the manipulation room will be sufficient.


Surgical removal ofRemoval of papillomas with liquid nitrogen

Papillomais seldom chosen as a radical treatment. The procedure is performed in the operating room under general anesthesia. Scars usually remain after surgery.

The indication of this deletion method will be:

  1. Large lesion area due to neoplasms.
  2. Significant growth dimensions.
  3. No other method can be used.

Compared to surgical intervention, below we will learn modern papilloma removal methods, pass much faster and give good results.


As a result of this procedure, the papilloma is cauterized with liquid nitrogen.The patient calls this treatment freezing. Under the influence of low temperatures, neoplasms are destroyed from the inside and disappear after a while.

The procedure works, but it has a few drawbacks:

  • It is difficult for even an experienced expert to control the depth of the impact. Therefore, it is possible to burn healthy areas of the skin if the substance gets too deep, or a second action will be required. In this case, the low temperature did not affect the entire papilloma and areas of infection remained.
  • Traces may appear.
  • Pain during the procedure (personal sensitivity to pain)

Laser treatment

This is the most popular procedure.Laser removal of the papilloma is very fast and almost painless. If the manipulation is done in very sensitive areas of the skin, local anesthesia is used.

Laser removal of papillomas

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The doctor gradually removes each layer of affected cells with a laser.
  2. No blood as the beam instantly cauterizes the vessels.

Thus, you can remove absolutely all training and not leave even the smallest infected area. Recovery occurs within a week after the procedure. It is important that scars or scars after laser removal are extremely rare.


This procedure, like the previous procedure, is very popular. Papillomas are removed by high-frequency electric current.The procedure is absolutely safe, therefore recommended for children.For small patients, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is used for adults.

Electrocoagulation eliminates both large and small formations. In this case, after removal, the growth can be examined for the presence of cancerous changes, as the papilloma is not burned, but removed. Also, bleeding is absolutely excluded during the procedure as all vessels are processed immediately.

The disadvantage of this type of removal would be the possibility of scarring or recurrent papilloma.

Radio wave balance

Removal of papillomas with radio waves

For this procedure, the doctor uses a special knife that generates radio waves. Under their influence, the papilloma is removed.Thanks to the high accuracy of the procedure, healthy tissues are not injured and therefore no burns or other injuries.

Recurrence after such a procedure is extremely rare. Local anesthesia is recommended to relieve pain, but patients with a high pain threshold do not feel any discomfort.

Benign small neoplasms are removed using the radio wave method. This removal of malignant tumors is contraindicated.

It is better to eliminate this or that occurrence, of course, the doctor decides by comparing the possible negative and positive consequences of the procedures. It also makes the appointment of the procedure only after the test results obtained.

To sum up, you need to monitor your health to have clean and beautiful skin. After treating the papilloma viral infection, the doctor may give the following recommendations:

  1. Search for timely treatment.
  2. Avoid mixed sex.
  3. Change the power.
  4. Get rid of bad habits.
  5. Exercise, but exercise should be moderate.
  6. Avoid stressful situations.